Photography Program

Bob Jones Nature Center offers many opportunities for photographers, young and old, regardless of skill level.  Not only are we famous for the beautiful flora and fauna on the trail and in our butterfly garden, but we are the home of the large rustic red barn that so many families have used as a backdrop for children’s portraits, holiday photos, and more.

Bob Jones Nature Center is open for all to enjoy and visitors are welcome to take casual photographs as they please.  For professional photographers coming to use any part of the center as a backdrop for photos, you will need to register with our office at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled session.  It is recommended that you contact us as early as possible however so that you can more easily get the session time of your choice.

Amateur Photography vs. Professional Photography

Amateur photography includes visitors taking snapshots or shooting video for private, non-commercial use. 

Professional photography includes individuals taking photos for a paying client, photos to be marketed at some time to a paying client, or to be published or distributed in any way as a means to make money now or anytime in the future.

Professional photographers can register and book a time slot for their session for $30 per hour or register for an annual pass for $200, which will allow unlimited sessions at Bob Jones Nature Center for a period of one year.  Those with an annual pass must still call ahead to book their sessions and session length is limited to one hour.

As a courtesy to all registered professional photographers who have booked a session, we will make sure that you are the only professional registered for any given time slot. 

Please contact BJNC at 817-491-6333 or at to register and/or book a session. 

General Rules for photographers:

  • No pets
  • Stay on marked trails, paths, and mowed areas
  • No props larger than a chair
  • Park only in designated parking spots
  • Please be considerate of other visitors to the nature center


BJNC Highlights

Below is an excerpt from a recent feature in the Star-Telegram entitled, "Social Eyes: Naturally Sweet under the stars is Nov. 1st."

"Picture this: Delicious tastings from fab local top chefs, a gorgeous outdoor setting under the evening sky, live entertainment, star gazing, a lovely silent auction display and a crowd buzzing with enjoyment. What is it? The Naturally Sweet fundraiser on Nov. 1 benefiting the Bob Jones Nature Center in Southlake."

For the entire story, please visit:


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