Take a hike and explore the BJNCP Bluebird and White-tail Deer Trails. You can also hike along almost 20 miles of the Walnut Trail National Recreation Trails on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer Land,which borders the BJNCP and Bob Jones Park.

Download the Walnut Grove National Recreation Trail Map:  Walnut Grove National Recreational Trail

Southlake Ornithological Society Bird Hikes

Check the calendar for scheduled birding hikes offered by the Southlake Ornithological Society.  There is no charge for the hikes.  The hikes last about 2 hours.  Please see additional notes below.

Current Hike Schedule

                      Saturday, February 9- 8:00am

                                    Bob Jones Nature Preserve Trail/North Walnut Grove Trail (see directions below)

                     We will cover half of the North Walnut Grove Trail and then move down the road to the
                     Bob Jones Nature Center and Preserve where we will walk their Bluebird Trail.

                      Friday, February 15-8:00am

                                   Quail Creek Trail (see directions below)

                      Friday, February 16-8:00am

                                   Bob Jones Park Trail (see directions below)

                     The two hikes, Feb 15 and Feb 16, are being done in conjunction with the Bob Jones Nature Center
                     as part of the Great Backyard Bird Count. We will be moving a bit slower as the hikes are devoted
                     to getting a count of both species and numbers of birds in the area.

                      Saturday, February 15-18

                                   Great Backyard Bird Count


Trail Directions

North Walnut Grove Trail

Turn north onto White Chapel from Hwy 114. Go north through the roundabout and continue until you come to the gravel parking lot at the end of White Chapel. The hike will begin from the parking lot.


Quail Creek Trail

Turn north onto Carroll Avenue and travel through the roundabout and continue until you come to the end of Carroll. That will be Burney Lane. Turn left onto Burney Lane at the stop sign. Continue on Burney for about 200 yards. Turn left onto Harbor Court. Go to the second house on the right, 890 Harbor Court, and park on the street. We will begin in front of 890 Harbor Court.


Bob Jones Park Trail

Turn north onto White Chapel from Hwy 114. Go north through the roundabout and continue until you come to the first entrance (the south entrance) into Bob Jones Park marked with a stone marker. Follow the road around the hill and past the dog park. We begin the hike in the parking lot across from the dog park.


Special Notes:

  • If it is raining at the start time, the hike will be cancelled.
  • If it has rained several days in advance, the trails may still be muddy and appropriate shoes or boots
    should be worn.
  • Most hikes are approximately 2 miles and last 2 to 2.5 hours. All are not difficult and are easily walkable
    trails except for a few medium spots but the pace is slow. Only Quail Creek trail has some of the
    more difficult topography.
  • Hikes are geared for both experienced and beginning birders.
  • Binoculars are needed to get the most from the hikes.
  • Photo opportunities are pointed out for those interested in photography.
  • On cold days, it is important to wear a hat and gloves. Layered clothing works best and hand warmers certainly add a degree of comfort. Most of the trails are protected from the wind and the hikes are reasonably comfortable even on freezing days.